Retail Analytics In A BOX

Customer Analytics is a pioneer in the field of retail analytics. With more than 25 years of experience working with retail clients, we understand business needs. We also know how to use state-of-the-art analytics techniques to turn transactional and demographic data into valuable insights for retailers, both B2C and B2B.

This experience, and the wisdom gained from it, have now been packaged to provide analytics out of the box, through our cloud-based solution ROCKIT BOX. With ROCKIT BOX, you can get the benefits of analytics without needing to hire an army of data scientists or buying expensive BI and analytics tools.

Simply upload your customer and transaction data into ROCKIT BOX to get rich analytical insights and reports!

ROCKIT BOX is a package of predefined analytical modules across three dimensions—Store Intelligence, Market Intelligence and Customer Intelligence—to give you a 360° view of your business and operating landscape.

ROCKIT BOX will help you answer questions that you've always had, but have struggled to answer. Questions like:

What is the market potential for my products?
What does my trade area look like? What is my market penetration and where should I focus my sales and marketing efforts?
Who is buying/not buying? Who buys Brand X vs Brand Y? Who buys online vs instore?

Click here to see more such business questions and how ROCKITBOX helps answer them.

With ROCKIT BOX, the thinking is already done for you:

  • It starts with important business questions
  • It takes your data and enhances it with appropriate external data to give you a broader perspective
  • It runs the relevant analytical and modeling processes and generates a standardized result set
  • Results are presented in a dashboard
  • Finally, it highlights/summarizes key insights for easy interpretation

Additionally, with ROCKIT BOX,

  • You don't have to pay for hardware, software, licenses
  • There are no onerous one-sided contracts

While the ROCKIT BOX package provides the core analytics required by a retail business, it can easily be customized to meet the specific need of your business.

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What comes in the box

Market Intelligence

  • Market Potential
  • Site Location
  • Population Estimates
  • Territory Analysis

Customer Intelligence

  • Customer Clustering & Segemetation
  • Demographic Profile
  • Customer Characteristics Analysis
  • State of the House File

Store Intelligence

  • Store Diagnostics
  • Sales Overview
  • Trade Area Analysis
  • Attachment Rates



Market Intelligence

Market Potential

View market potential by geography and demographic attributes.

Trade Area - ZIP Assessment

View zips segmented into Grow, Protect, Maintain, Review and Ignore areas based on market potential and penetration.

Site Location

View sites recommended for a new store location, ranked by criteria such as market potential, competition, etc.

Population Estimates

View population estimates by geography and demographic attributes.

Store Intelligence

Store Diagnostics

View KPIs across stores and identify problem areas.

Sales Overview

View performance trends, what is selling/not selling, top brands, top stores, etc.

Trade Area Analysis

Understand trade area around a store location to maximize marketing resources and avoid cannibalization.

Attachment Rates

View products that sell most often along with other products, in order to create suitable offerings.

Customer Intelligence

Clustering & Segementation

View customer segments based on demographic attributes and understand buying behavior of each segment.

Demographic Profile

View KPIs across stores and identify problem areas.

Customer Characteristics Analysis

Compare characteristics of buying customers by different attributes, e.g., brand.

State of the House File

View performance/trends in different purchase behavior based customer segments.